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willy on Tatoo 1
une composition originale MH bonne fin de semaine

Steve Rice on Tatoo 1
A clever and excellent image.

JACQUES on Tatoo 1
Superbe compo avec cette profondeur de champ, très original.

Lewis on La Grande Halle
Love the light a lot on the many visitors in this beautiful hall.

Lewis on Tatoo 1
Nice Japanese style tattoo.

B. Thomas on Tatoo 1
Creative shot.

Existence Artistique on Tatoo 1
bien recherché

Ruthiebear on Tatoo 1
What a clever image!

Devi on Tatoo 1
Interesting :)

Martine Libouton on Tatoo 1
Homo très belle ta photo

Martine on Tatoo 1
Une photo très originale, j'aime bien.

Alun on Tatoo 1
Very cool idea for an image,nice one

omid on Tatoo 1
such beautiful composition, focus & DOF ! Amazing tatoo.

JMS* on Les Harley
je préfère les Japonaises, question de gout... ah... ma 850 TDM adorée !

JMS* on La Grande Halle
J'aime bien cette image fouillis qui restitue parfaitement l'ambiance de ce lieu particulièrement ...

Franz on La Grande Halle
Superb light and tonality in this action-rich image!

Alun on La Grande Halle
Looks in full swing, super shot

Steve Rice on La Grande Halle
Neat shot of the tattoo fest. Love the light.

Sam on Les Harley
What a beautiful scene. Powerful machines here. :)

Sam on La Grande Halle
Amazing light. Lovely capture of the rays. :)

Existence Artistique on La Grande Halle

sherri on La Grande Halle
the light streaming into this scene is fantastic

Ruthiebear on La Grande Halle
I like the light filtering throughout.

Steven on La Grande Halle
Beautiful crepuscular rays that shine down on the people in this grand hall!!

jean pierre a on La Grande Halle
belle ambiance

Martine Libouton on La Grande Halle
Une très belle photo !!

omid on La Grande Halle
Amazing lighting !!!!!!!!!!!

Marie on La Grande Halle
J'aime l'atmosphère de cette photo

Devi on La Grande Halle
wonderfully bathed in light :))))))))))))

Elaine Hancock on Les Harley
A great scene. I love the color! It looks like an exciting place!

Steve Rice on Les Harley
An intriguing display of these powerful bikes.

Alun on Les Harley
Cracking shot, Love all the colours

Mohammad/Navvab on Les Harley

sherri on Les Harley
what a bright scene you've captured

Franz on Les Harley
An intense light show and great motorcycles! And I also see a pin-ball machine ...

Ehsan Hemmati on Les Harley
It looks like a fun place. Nice shot.

jean pierre a on Les Harley
jolies couleurs!!

Steven on Les Harley
Such an eye-catching composition the patterned lighting makes on the people and floor below!!

Ruthiebear on Les Harley
I like this lively and colorful view

Gérard Flayol on Les Harley
Bientôt la surtaxe !

Devi on Les Harley
Interesting scenario here !

Martine Libouton on Les Harley
Une belle scène de vie !

Existence Artistique on Les Harley

Hiro on Les Harley
Powerful machines !

Phil on Les Harley
Tu as bien saisi l'ambiance festive de ce rendez vous , beau travail, Phil

Ronnie 2¢ on Les Harley
The bikes are all but lost in the light and color !

Lena on Les Harley
Nice picture.

JMS* on I am in the mirror but why upside down ...?
Excellent cadrage !

Elaine Hancock on I am in the mirror but why upside down ...?
A fabulous upside down self portrait! Happy ST!

Lewis on I am in the mirror but why upside down ...?
Very nice effect.

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